Thursday, September 8, 2011

My little Entrepreneur

My son started making wallets out of Duct Tape for fun, and made a really cool one for himself.
He started to sell them at school and now he has orders backed up!

I wanted to feature him today because I am really proud of his little business venture and they are really, really cool.

Here are a couple he has made

This has two pockets for cards and one clear ID pocket. 

Buy one for a gift or just for yourself!

He can make any color or design you want, and can personalize it too.

Basic Wallets are $7- (All basic wallets have 2 card slots and big pocket for $$)
Wallets with clear ID pockets are $10- (Same as basic but has clear ID pocket added)
Checkbook holders $10
add custom design $3
add personalization $3

I will take orders for him and we will use my Paypal account to receive payments.
He usually can have it done the next day.
Free Shipping on the first 10 orders!!

Come on blog land, lets help out a young entrepreneur and help him get big!

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Anonymous said...

so cool you know how to do this DIY, I got one as a present some years ago and I really like it!


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