Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Treasure to me ...and a giveaway!

First and foremost...THANK YOU! Thank you to all you who helped me get to 100 followers. I really appreciate it.
So I am giving away a new copy of RESTORE. RECYCLE. REPURPOSE. Great book...and I forgot to take a pic of it before I wrapped it!
So heres how you enter....become a follower or leave a comment...its that simple! I will be away for a couple days and will announce the winner when I get back. So keep tryin!

Speaking on winner....I am the "winner" (ok...buyer) of some amazing finds at Savers, Target, and Z Gallery yesterday. So... I want to share.
Gray pillow...Savers $2.00

Fabric....Savers $2.00

Two pillow cases, brand new Target $3.00 for both

This was my FIND at Savers. Tano purse $7.00. Checked it out online $248.00

Faux fur coat...AMAZING! $12.00 Savers! And I actually look pretty cute in it! ;)

Lamps...going to paint white... Savers $4.00 ea

Glass table, Target $10

Glass trays, Target $10 ea

Z Gallery online...$10

Elk, for husband. $14 Z Gallery online

I also got some lucky jeans, and my step-daughter some amazing coats brand new with tags from Savers. She was happy.

I get so excited when I find something amazing, so instead of boring my husband to death with my finds I will start sharing them with you. I KNOW you will appreciate them!
I chalk this one up as a good day!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{#4-Storage & #5 Dining table}

I have been so busy and headed out of town so I wanted to finish up my little series and put together #4 and #5.
We live in a small house with little to none storage. So I truly believe in double duty pieces and investing money in something that can do both is totally worth it.
We have a piece that is our entertainment center and storage for our games and photos. I love it because its so unique and I got it for super cheap. It was on sale from $1200 marked down to $600 plus I had $100 coupon so I ended up paying $500 for it! AWESOME!!
It was actually my anniversary present last year too!
Heres ours:

Great storage room

Yes, it ALWAYS looks like this, neat and clean, inside! HA!
Here are some other pieces that would be great storage:



Pottery Barn

So my 5th piece that I think you should put some "investment time and a little money" into is the dining table. We use our dining table for every meal, and we make it a point to always eat dinner together every night. Its also used for kids doing their homework, and in our small little home, its where everyone congregates. So I wanted one that was unique and sturdy.
I posted my table a little while ago, but here it is again. Invested in it, is mostly my time and a couple hundred bucks! 
I love it! 

There are so many dining tables out there and make sure you check Craigslist first. 
But here are a few that I love and are super affordable.

World Market

World Market- I actually have 2 friends that have this table and they are completely different!

World Market

World Market

Ok, so I hope my little "series" {5 investment pieces} helped out. Remember invest your time because you love it not your money!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

{#3- Coffee table}

I named this little series "5 Invest,ent pieces" and when I said "investment" I didnt mean $$$. I meant love, and time.
I am all about getting bang for your my husband would say. So do your homework and check around for the best price. Craigslist, eBay, garage sales, estate will ALWAYS find what you are looking for. I promise.
With that said...I am on coffee tables. And they are pretty expensive. So here was my solution: I made my own.
I wanted something like this:
Restoration Hardware
No way in the world would I be able to afford anything from that store without selling a child. (um...thought about it...its so fabulous..) anyways, i wanted rustic and industrial.
So I saw some pallets and knew I had to do something with them. The only way my husband agreed to this is because we found some amazing ones in excellent condition. However, I think I would have liked  them a little more rustic, but he does have a say in things!
So this is my coffee table, and I love it!

I (I mean my husband and I) invested out time into this piece, and we LOVE it. I wanted storage and so we put two together to create an are for baskets I had found at DI in Utah and they fit perfectly!
I love it and will never get rid of it (never say never!)
Here are some others for inspiration....see if you can make your own too!

Restoration Hardware
Take a trunk or an old suitcase and put some great old legs on it and make a coffee table with storage! great idea!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get to 97! Almost there!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{#2- Seating}

Even though the sofa is very important, we also need to have additional seating. I am a firm believer in mismatch furniture. You dont have to buy the matching sofa, love seat and chair. Mix it up!
This piece, I feel, doesnt have to be as comfortable as the sofa. The sofa is where you chill and watch TV with family, but the love seat is for when company comes over and if they are too comfortable...they may stay forever!
My husband and I found this particular love seat at a thrift store...and we have a HUGE waiting list because everyone that sits on it says "If you ever think about getting rid of this...."
Make a statement with this piece and have fun with it.
Heres ours:
Very unique piece, always starts coversation

Its masculine with the wood, and feminine curvy lines! Perfect!
Check out these ideas!
Urban Outfitters has amazing ones in some amazing colors check it out! They wont let me use their pics...check it out though!
You could do two chairs as well....get creative! Let me see what you have done!

Monday, December 13, 2010


One of the most used pieces of furniture is the sofa. Its no wonder we want to make sure we are getting a good one. Also they tend to be a big bulk of our decorating budget. So how do you get a sofa that is going to last the stages (single, married, kids, crazy) of life.
3 tips:
1- Make sure its solid to stand the test of time. Check the frame, the foam and the material.
2- Try to stay in the neutral family. You can always change pillows and accessories later.
3- Make sure you LOVE it!

My family and I have been though several couches. I want style and my husband wants function. So we ended up with a dark leather sofa with modern lines and some tufting for style. I have to say its a win, win. for both of us. Its super comfortable and probably the softest leather I have ever felt.
AND...we didnt spend a fortune! We found this one on Craigslist for $500. I looked it up, like I always do, when we got it home and it was $2500! Its Italian leather and its very solid in construction.

Neutral Leather Sofa

Clean lines

Love the feet

Sturdy sagging in the middle.
 If you cant find anything used on Craigslist, or if you just like to have has some amazing sofas right now that would be great for any design. Also they are very affordable.
JAR Designs- The Eastwyck Sofa

JAR design- The Bod Sofa

The "Huntley" Smoke Sofa

JAR Cary Gray Velvet Sofa

angelo HOME- Sutton Saddle Brown

Sunday, December 12, 2010

DIY Chevron Rug

Chevron print rugs are the rage right now. But the price tag...not so much!
(I never understood why rugs are so expensive)

So check out this awesome tutorial at Fabulous Design File making your own Chevron Rug. I will be making one myself!

Friday, December 10, 2010


Our kind of family photo.

Anthropologie-ish Chair

Remember my awesome Anthropologie-ish chair that "Niters" so graciously help me do? Well, green just doesnt go in my home anymore. I know, I know...shocking!!!
So here is what I am planning on doing with it.
This beautiful chevron pattern from Its going to look gorgeous! I hope Niters will help me again...please???

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