Monday, October 25, 2010


 I have always loved symmetry. Although I just did my living room, I wasnt IN LOVE with it. Then I found these babies at a thrift store. $15. Need I say more??
AFTER: Fabulous!

I love the symmetry they provide in my weird laid out living room. (Whoever built my house should be fired!
It is the weirdest thing to have a walkway through your living room. Who does that?)

Anyways, I found these and they made my living room more symmetrical and I love the way they turned out.
Now I just need to find some awesome, CHEAP lamps to finish them off! Stay tuned!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

**Barn Sale #2**

Here is the information for the next Barn Sale we are having in November. Check it out here Junk Restore

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simplicity is now my key

We actually LIVE in our living room. Its where we study, watch movies and hang out. I had a room before that was pretty to look at but not very practical. Now our living room is simple, and very functional. Plus I got rid of a ton of stuff. Heres a couple before and after shots:
Way Before in my green phase. Look at all the stuff everywhere. Very cluttered!
No not yet.....I hate the couch like that. Its weird.

Ahhh... there it is!
It might not seem like much of a change but it is. I took out some pieces and changed out the colors.
Heres some more pics:

And this became....


Our dining room is open to the living room so I carried the colors into there as well. Hers some more pics:

Dont mind the black chair! They only had 3 white ones when I went to get them. (website said 12 that morning, go figure!) I would also love a chandelier in here and I actually have a great one, but my husband says the fan is more practical. Fan sman, I LOVE chandeliers. Winters coming, maybe he will change his mind!

I actually sewed the bottom on these myself! I broke a needle and had to re-sew them about 3 times, but I did it!
And this  became......


Our family motto.

 What do you think??

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Before and After: Dresser and Nightstands

I was reminded of how crazy it was that I came across these pieces. I had asked my good friend Tara to pick up a french provincial dresser in Phoenix for me while she was down there. It was a Friday night, and the dresser was exactly what I was looking for but it was around $100 maybe more I cant remember. Just for the dresser, plus I was still looking for nightstands too. It was in fact way more than I was planning on spending and just decided to bite the bullet on this one.
But then Saturday morning came and I of course went to a bunch of yard sales. One in particular had about 5 things: these 3 pieces and 2 other things. I would normally drive on by but these caught my eye, and then the price made me think even more, "Would these actually work in my room??" I thought long and hard. Went home and called her they still had them and for $40 for all three pieces, they were mine! Not only do I LOVE them now, I saved a ton of money! Plus my husband loves them and thats even better (score!)
Heres the befores and afters:

Monday, October 11, 2010



Master bedroom finally! I was inspired by a blog I saw and I loved the simplicity of it. I kept things simple, and spare. I feel like I actually sleep better with less in my room. Crazy, I know!
West Elm Duvet Cover (I already had all bedding)

Garage sale finds painted white. Antlers $13, and frame $5. (yes the antlers are real, and yes I painted them. apparently thats a crime in hunting world)

Garage sale find (dresser and two night stands $40..score!!)

Scary chair from graveyard $20

Jewelry Stand Garage Sale $30

Lamp, Target. Make sure if you are buying two lamps get them at the same time. I got the wrong lamp shade from my side and it looks a little silly!  
Deer art, FREE! Silver lamp Goodwill $10.
I did have to wait for my husband to attach the legs to the dresser and night stands. The whole base had to be built to put them on. He pulled through and finished it this weekend. I adore him.
My total to redo my room came in under $200. I had mostly everything including the bedding, paint, and fabric.
I have carried this simple look through our house. I will reveal this week too!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


My husband is in the flooring business, and with that said we have TONS of left over flooring. Beautiful hand scraped hardwood pieces of all sorts, sizes and colors, but not enough to do a job with. Maybe one or two boxes at the most. So I saw this idea once before and forgot about it and then saw it again here Three men and a Lady . Great idea!!!  She has the patience to post a tutorial, I am sorry I dont! (no patience, remember!)
So heres one of my versions of the wood floor art idea.

Check out the deer from yesterdays sneak peek post!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whoever said "Patience is a virtue"?

Patience.I feel like a little kid that is doing the potty dance because he cant hold it any longer. Patience.
I have everything done on my Master Bedroom and am ready to reveal except for one thing... and that one thing HAS to be done by my husband. He has been so busy with work I didnt want to bug him too much to get it done for me. I have left a couple of major hints this morning. Like turning the furniture upside down! I will explain later.
So today I have a couple sneak peeks for you and hopefully (cross your fingers for me) I will be able to reveal this weekend!

Remember this chair? It doesnt look like this anymore!

I cant wait for you all to see my new room!

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