Monday, October 25, 2010


 I have always loved symmetry. Although I just did my living room, I wasnt IN LOVE with it. Then I found these babies at a thrift store. $15. Need I say more??
AFTER: Fabulous!

I love the symmetry they provide in my weird laid out living room. (Whoever built my house should be fired!
It is the weirdest thing to have a walkway through your living room. Who does that?)

Anyways, I found these and they made my living room more symmetrical and I love the way they turned out.
Now I just need to find some awesome, CHEAP lamps to finish them off! Stay tuned!!


Abdo said...

Cassie, I couldn't find your contact information but would like to get in touch with you via email. Can you please send me an email to abdo (att] craigseasy dawt com ?

Folkman's said...

Tables look great! Love your coffee table also! Great style!

Laina said...

Cassie, your blog is incredible! i love all your work, i found you through junkrestore. Your coffee table is my favorte! Such a good idea!

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