Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you Tara!

Thank you for all the tips! I finally figured out how to utilize the fabulous free stuff on . Tara, my new good friend, pointed me in her direction, and I'll tell you what...this blog is amazing! It features beautiful things and instructions! I love the way my blog turned out, its really my personality in a nut shell. Hope you all love it too!

Blog cont...

What does everyone think? I am trying to put the words in the little tag on the title part. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


As you all know I am new to this blogging thing. I am experimenting with my logo and trying to get creative. I see these blogs out there and they have amazing logos. Any ideas, or websites that I can download stuff off of? Tricks I need to know? Please give me feedback. Thanks!

Help! What the heck am I going to do with it?

My husband and I went on a trip to the Oregon coast. My first time to the coast and finding treasures on the beach was second nature to me. Shells, agates, starfish...I had so much fun. Just like a little kid! I wanted to hit the thrift stores and flea markets but we didn't have time, however...(here comes the fun part) one day searching on the beach we found this old door drifted from the sea. It was sooo cool. I asked my husband if we could take it home, and without the usual "What in the heck are you going to do with that?" he simply said "yes". What a him!
He hauled it all the way back here to sunny Arizona. Now I am asking myself, "What the heck am I going to do with that?"
I need some ideas. I am stumped...which doesn't happen very often for me.
It measures 80 in long and 22 in wide.

Farm table

I purchased this table at a yard sale. When I asked the lady how much she looked at me like I was crazy. It was actually just a table she was using to put all her other stuff on, and after it had served its purpose was headed to the trash. She pointed out how broken it was, how her kids had melted something on the top, and asked me if I was sure I really wanted it. Without a second thought I said yes! It was in bad shape. I sanded the top for days, and the drawer inside was so warped I couldn't get it out. I wanted to keep the original piece inside the drawer so my husband suggested to soak it in water overnight and lay it out flat with heavy weights on it. It worked, the drawer is fully functional now and super cute. I put a couple coats of Robins egg blue on it and breewax on the top. LOVE BREEWAX! Turned out so cute, I don't know if I can sell it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

** Desk**

Never paint an antique piece of furniture....right? WRONG! I say paint it, paint it, paint it! This was my in-laws (again) and they were selling it at a yard sale for $10. I grabbed it but didnt want them to know I has intentions of painting it. I had actually painted it Home Depot orange, and it worked with my decor at the time, but I just re-painted it this blue color which I am obsessed with right now.

Unique lamp

Cool, very unique, find. I actually found this a while ago, but I gave it to my mother-in-law for a present and put her wedding dress on it and a pretty victorian lamp shade. I just got it back and we have put it in our room so we will see if it will scare us in the middle of the night or not. I decided to use it to put my scarves and hats on. Its also a lamp, BONUS!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take out the guts!

Dont toss those ugly brass chandeliers. I forgot to get a before pic, but you can imagine it. This was brass, and ugly. I ripped out all the electrical guts, and painted it this blue color and hung it on a chain. I am on the hunt for the perfect candles for it.

Kid friendly table

I got this table from my in-laws. They were going to cut it up for firewood. Ahhh! I knew it had to function as a coffee table, but I did'nt know how. I thought it would be great for kids. I painted the top with chalkboard paint, so kids CAN draw on the furniture. What a great way to inspire creativity and keep it contained. Hopefully!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Anniversary Present

I have wanted one of these sideboards for our entertainment cabinet for awhile. I have scoured Craigslist for one for about a year. I have purchased several for clients at Passprt Imports in PHX, one of my favorite stores, but couldnt really afford one myself! funny how that happens! Everyone of them is different because they are made with old doors. They quit carrying furniture and started carrying purses and jewlery. Weird switch...anyways, we were in PHX and they had one on sale, it was PERFECT! I was so excited...doesnt take much! It looks great against the green wall. It was my anniversary present this year, 7 yrs, along with several other things. I have to say I was pretty spoiled this year!

Hadleys Idea

Hadley and I were thrifting and saw these old records at the Humane Society in Cottonwood for .25 cents a piece. Hadley thought they would look really cool on his wall. He was right! He picked out ones with a bolder color an the front. Turned out like a real cool idea. Take it a little farther you could frame them in black frames just to make it a little more classy.

Weekend Bathroom ReDesign

This is Hadleys/ guest bathroom. The cabinets were the ugly oak, I painted them glossy black and added the knobs. Put a new shower curtain in and it was finished. I found some brass towel racks for a buck at Pawprints and painted them the same black glossy paint. It turned out pretty cute for the cost of a new shower curtain I got on ebay, some spray paint, and a couple accessories. Less than $50! Its amazing what paint can do!

Wood Loveseat

I have to post a picture of this loveseat. Everyone loves it, and it was the first thrift store purchase Troy and I made together after we were married and its the only thing that has lasted my buy-sell attitude. Its gorgeous! I change out the cushion and pillows with each decor. They tag said $300 and I got it for $100.....a STEAL!


$10 and this baby was mine. I LOVE huge chandliers, especially in smaller spaces. They make a huge statement. I am planning on putting it my dining area...Troy just hasnt been told yet! HAHA!

Garage Sale Treasure

I dont find many things that I dont have to do ANYTHING to. I was garage sale-ing with my step-daughter in a small jeep and found so many treasures that day we looked like the beverly hillbillys with all this furniture hanging out of this little jeep. We had so much fun! I loved this when I saw it. I scored this piece for $20. SCORE!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Barnwood table

Found the shell of this table at Pawprints for $5. We replaced our fencing and I knew it would be a good idea to keep some of the pieces. I cut it up and put them inside the inset of the table, and it turned out great!

My new collection...

I am drawn to these old blue jars lately. I had one and just in the last week have found several more at yard sales! just one more thing to collect!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Michelles Dresser

Michelle bought this dresser for $20 from our dear friend Niters! It was pine and plain. This was one of her first projects, and when I explained my idea to her she was a little hesitant. After a couple of days occupying room in her garage and her husband begging us to get it done, we finished it. And I must say it is one of my favorites! We painted it black, and sanded it all over. We decoed scrapbooking paper on the front and sides, put some crystal knobs on it and it turned out fantastic. Looks like straight from Anthropologies magazine. I think she likes it, I am not quite sure...haha!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HUGE Coffee table

I have always bugged Troy to stop and bring me home pallets, and he always says "What the heck are you going to do with those?" And honestly I never knew, I just knew I wanted to do something with pallets. There are so many of them around and they are really cool. Finally he brought some home and a light bulb went off. Coffee table, HUGE coffee table. We (and I mean Troy) took one side off of each of them and then sandwiched them together which made perfect cubby holes for the baskets I found at DI in Utah for .25. I found the HUGE casters at Erics in Flagstaff (love that Junkyard) and we (Troy) attached them to the bottom and ordered a piece of glass for the top and WALLAH...a rustic, industrial coffee table I have wanted FOREVER! I have seen similar things in high end mags and could never afford them. This is my favorite project we (Troy) have done. I LOVE it.

Anthropologie Chair

My dear friend Anita (better known as Niters) taught me how to upholster. This was our first project together, and she was very hesitant to do it. She is very good at what she does, but didnt think she could teach me, but with a couple margaritas and a lot of laughs we got it done. My friend Michelle (Chelle, dont mind the big scary guy next to her...hes harmless) helped as well and she has caught "the bug" too. She has a dresser we did together that I would like to get posted as well.
Overall I LOVE this chair. I got the fabric on clearance for $2 a yard, and went back to get more and it was $18 a yard and they said I got it by mistake. oops! It was the insipiration for my green in my house. I love anything damask and anything green. Well almost anything...

More little plates and dishes

Same concept as before. I actually found these and they are antique, I loved them but would probably never do tea and crumpets so i thought clear candle sticks would make them look even better! Also the little dishes I found at a thrift store and had no idea what they were but knew they would be something cool someday...

Cute idea...platters

I found these plates at Target for .50 a piece. I got candle holders at Goodwill in Prescott and used construction glue to adhere them. They make great platters for parties, cheese and desserts.

Another chair...

I think I have a chair fetish. I always gravitate towards chairs, dont ask me why! Can we say FREE? Pawprints...OK i better not say anything bad about them, other than they are over priced, but they do have some good stuff. I painted this chair white and covered with fabric that matches my curtains right now. (They are changing soon...dont tell Troy!)

Shabby Chair

Pawprints can have it moments. I got this chair there for $20, it was cream and the fabric was in decent condition. I decided to leave the fabric because it was so vintage and just paint the frame black. (yes, i paint everything black)

Side table

This was actually at Pawprints for FREE. Yup I said it, FREE!! I didnt have a car then so I picked it up and carried it home. Just kidding, I had Troy come get it and some other FREE stuff too. I wish they would do that more often.
I painted it black, sanded the edges and decoed scrapbook paper on it. Great options with scrapbook paper.

Naked Lamp

Everyone makes fun of my "naked lamp" except one girl came in my house, her name is Tara and she loved it so much so commented on it on her blog! She is actually the one that gave it the name, thanks Tara! Anyways, I HATE lampshades. I found this lamp at Pawprints here in the Village and loved the base. It was a little spendy for a thrift store, which Pawprints usually is but I got it anyways. I rarely find one I like and this one had great bones so it got the "naked" look. Make sure that lampshades do have bones because if they dont it looks very silly having a halo for a lampshade, sorry Niters!

Favorite Chairs

I got these chairs at the same thrift store in Prescott (they have great stuff)! I bought two and went back the following week and they had another one just like it. Must have been stuck in the back. I dont have a before picture, shame on me, but I assure you they were all sorts of ugly too. I purchased napkins from a store here in Sedona called the Hummingbird House to redo the seats with and painted the chairs with teal spray paint (they make every color now!) and sanded the edges. They turned out awesome, and look like they came straight from Anthropologie. I sold them on Craigslist to a girl named Cassie!

Ugly Chair

I found this chair in Prescott. Normally I would walk away from an ugly chair like this but thanks to my new found skill in upholstering (thanks Niters!), I snatched it up. It was very rickety and had a tag on the bottom that said 1945. I ripped into it and it was a mess. But I think it turned out great. I bought a painters drop cloth at Home Depot and use it for everything. Its $25 for a HUGE piece and you can use it on of my best secrets :)

Start of blog but not of passion....

I have been reinventing furniture since I can remember. My mother owned a consignment store growing up and I caught the bug and was hooked ever since. I have always wanted to share my treasures and finds with others and finally got the courage to create my own space.
I hope everyone who reads it will enjoy it and take and share ideas with me!

I want to take a sec to thank my family for there support with my crazy passion. I have drove them all crazy especially my husband Troy. He picks up furniture, fixes furniture, moves furniture, takes me to crazy furniture stores...without him I wouldnt be able to do this. He allows me to express my crazy ideas in our home and I am grateful to him. Also to Hadley my son, he never knows when hes going to come home and his room be different. But he loves it!

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