Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Start of blog but not of passion....

I have been reinventing furniture since I can remember. My mother owned a consignment store growing up and I caught the bug and was hooked ever since. I have always wanted to share my treasures and finds with others and finally got the courage to create my own space.
I hope everyone who reads it will enjoy it and take and share ideas with me!

I want to take a sec to thank my family for there support with my crazy passion. I have drove them all crazy especially my husband Troy. He picks up furniture, fixes furniture, moves furniture, takes me to crazy furniture stores...without him I wouldnt be able to do this. He allows me to express my crazy ideas in our home and I am grateful to him. Also to Hadley my son, he never knows when hes going to come home and his room be different. But he loves it!

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