Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day dreaming kitchen...

Hot topic for discussion

My kitchen has turned out amazing! I LOVE it! Especially when it was soooo cheap. Eventually I would like my dream kitchen like the last post, but thats not for a LONG time.

So here is my kitchen floor...

As you can see, its super ugly. It wont clean for anything and always looks dirty. I am not a dirty person! Ask my friends, our house is always clean!

So we aren't changing out the tile anytime soon either.

I got creative, pulled a rug from the dining room and stuck it in the kitchen. I know, I dont usually do a rug in the kitchen. Its probably against some kind of rule or something, but the floor is hideous.

The boss says no, but I think it looks good...especially for now!
What do you think? Rug or no rug?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For Sale...


Design Stocker Original!! - $5

Leather chair- $50

Thomas O'Brien Shams- $10 for both

West Elm Pillow Cover- $10

Storage Cube- $20

Chevron Chair- $35

Other storage cube- $20
Chevron pillows- $20 ea


Lamps- $20 for both

More to come...keep checking back.

If you are interested in anything, please email me!

Monday, May 23, 2011


New issue of RUE is out. Make sure to check it out!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Big Kitchen reveal!!


 Pink cabinets, pink tiled countertops. This picture is blurry, but you get it.
 Sp we painted the cabinets with  glossy white and added some stainless hardware.

Then we did the countertops:
 My husband made forms around the existing countertops.

 We sanded the tile so the concrete would have something to grab on to.
 Then he poured concrete over the top of them

 The concrete leveled itself out.

 Removed the forms, and my husband smoothed it out.

 Now, we have done several concrete countertops before, and have removed the old countertop and poured a whole new one. This was an experiment to pour concrete over the top of existing countertops. And I must say, it has worked out so far! There are a couple cracks, but ALL concrete cracks. Gives it character. Just wait for it to be done curing, then we put a coat of concrete sealer over the top and heres what they look like now:

Super gorgeous. And it was cheap, and fast-about $200 for a new countertop!!

Then we had the ugly backsplash, remember?
So here it is all put together...

 I am thinking a rug in here too....any suggestions?
 New appliances- Craigslist $2500

 New faucet- Ebay $100

 We decided not to stain this countertop, we just left the concrete as is, and it came out with a beautiful color and finish.

Now this picture takes you into the "supposed to be" dining room.
It was pretty tight for my table and all the chairs, it just didnt look right. So we made this area into a sitting area for coffee or a cocktail.

 Needs a rug..I know! I am thinking a cowhide!
 Recognize the piece of wood up top??

 The dark teeny tiny chair has to go.
 We put in a new pendant light from CB2- $49

 So there is my big reveal! Hope you enjoyed it.
Keep checking in, there is a lot of adding and tweeking to be done!

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