Friday, May 20, 2011

Big Kitchen reveal!!


 Pink cabinets, pink tiled countertops. This picture is blurry, but you get it.
 Sp we painted the cabinets with  glossy white and added some stainless hardware.

Then we did the countertops:
 My husband made forms around the existing countertops.

 We sanded the tile so the concrete would have something to grab on to.
 Then he poured concrete over the top of them

 The concrete leveled itself out.

 Removed the forms, and my husband smoothed it out.

 Now, we have done several concrete countertops before, and have removed the old countertop and poured a whole new one. This was an experiment to pour concrete over the top of existing countertops. And I must say, it has worked out so far! There are a couple cracks, but ALL concrete cracks. Gives it character. Just wait for it to be done curing, then we put a coat of concrete sealer over the top and heres what they look like now:

Super gorgeous. And it was cheap, and fast-about $200 for a new countertop!!

Then we had the ugly backsplash, remember?
So here it is all put together...

 I am thinking a rug in here too....any suggestions?
 New appliances- Craigslist $2500

 New faucet- Ebay $100

 We decided not to stain this countertop, we just left the concrete as is, and it came out with a beautiful color and finish.

Now this picture takes you into the "supposed to be" dining room.
It was pretty tight for my table and all the chairs, it just didnt look right. So we made this area into a sitting area for coffee or a cocktail.

 Needs a rug..I know! I am thinking a cowhide!
 Recognize the piece of wood up top??

 The dark teeny tiny chair has to go.
 We put in a new pendant light from CB2- $49

 So there is my big reveal! Hope you enjoyed it.
Keep checking in, there is a lot of adding and tweeking to be done!


Style Chic 360 said...

Wow, I'm amazed at how that countertop looks. Your new kitchen looks fantastic!

Candice said...

That is amazing! The countertop is fantastic. I want new concrete countertops!!!!!

*junkrestore* said...

I LOVE THE COUNTERTOPS! You're a genius.

Miss your face.

Megan {The Brick Bungalow} said...

I came over from Better After and had to comment because I love your kitchen! I bought a house that came with a very similar tile countertop and backsplash. And a lot more, but the tile is very similar. Definitely on the pink side of things. Gross! But our whole kitchen needs major TLC, but I love the look of yours!

Lindsay said...

Did you tile over your existing backsplash?

Shellie said...

WOW- That is amazing and I am beyond impressed and motivated. My tile countertops are the bane of my existance. I just might give this a try. Do you have any more tips/tricks/details I could get about the process, or maybe a link to any tutorial you used. thank you so much!

sammanthamaxx at gmail dot com

Free Art Printables said...

I came over from better after... I LOVE your countertops. That is one of the clever-est things I have ever seen! I hope you submit this to better homes and gardens. it's BRILLIANT! And it looks fabulous too!

Kat's Purrfect Boutique said...

Did you put the glass tiles on top of the old tiles? It looks great!

Diane said...

I love the tiles you picked for your backsplash. Your new kitchen looks dynamite!

Goose said...

Countertops look great. Do you know what product you used to seal the concrete. I just made a concrete table and am looking for sealing methods. Thanks

Kari said...

THIS is so amazingly cool! I LOVE your kitchen now! what a HUGE transformation!!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

It is GORGEOUS Cassie!! It truly looks custom! LOVE IT! I have questions about the countertops too! How did you do the form so the front of the countertops was covered with the concrete??

I reall NEEEEED a tutorial on this...please??

I am your newest follower!

Lou Cinda :)

Tasha said...

I love the countertops!! We painted our cabinets white w/ the same hardware around a year ago and were wanting to save money to get solid surface countertops (we currently have an ugly leaf patterned formica.) But I came across this and my husband and I are in LOVE w/ it! How did you make the form? also, do you think we would be able to do this over our existing countertops? I would totally love a detailed tutorial!

silvanafv said...

INCREDIBLE congrats this is amazing

Melora McCall said...

Can you describe a bit more how you created the casing around your existing countertops?
what did you do around the sink? I see tape...
Doesn't the concrete stick to the tape?

ranestorm said...

I'm interested (along with several others too it seems)

Did you leave a little gap in the front of the counter tops so the concrete would cover the tile?

What happens if you ever need to replace that sink? It looks like you cemented it in place.

What's the curing time?

I think you should consider doing a post just to answer questions on this :) I'm buying a new house and am thinking concrete countertops. Would love to have more details!

angie said...

Looks great! My husband and I white-washed our kitchen and made concrete countertops recently, too. We're having some major issues with the sealer this week we'll be resanding the whole thing down again to get rid of the water-etched stains. Oye. What sealer did you use and can you give a detailed account on the steps? You would be my domestic hero! :)

Anonymous said...

hello. I found this surfing the web today and your kitchen transformation is awesome! Betcha you don't miss the tile and trying to keep grout clean?! I just replaced ours today :)

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is just beautiful! I am super impressed with how frugally you did it, too.

Kelly said...

Hi - I too am interested in a few particulars.

Did you remove the backsplash time after the countertops were done with the concrete? Or did you put tile over the backsplash tiles?

How do you finish the edges of the concrete countertops?

Looks great!

Becca@Grout Cleaning Melbourne said...

WOW… I am thoroughly impressed with your hubby…that looks like such hard work…but the results…gorgeous and fantastic job!

Kay said...

I saw your beautiful concrete countertops on Pinterest and had to check out your website on how to do it. I have always wanted to try this but was too scared. Your husband did a great job! How have they held up after a couple of years of wear and tear?

Unknown said...

THAT IS AN AWESOME TRANSFORMATION!! And EXACTLY what my husband and I would like to do in our home!

I do have the same questions as a few other people.

I'm wondering how you finished the edge of the counters?

And how did you do the back-splash? Is that a peel and stick tile or did you remove the old tile and put new up?

Anonymous said...

Love your countertop please tell me how the edges were done

North East Factory Direct said...

 you really did a beautiful job! I love how bright & fresh everything looks. What an improvement. thanks for sharing and keep sharing more blogs.

Poulin Design Center said...

This is one of the most amazing transformations I’ve ever seen! Your kitchen is beautiful!

Furniture Store Parker said...

Truly beautiful! Love everything – from your new kitchen,You did an amazing job. 

Remodeling The Kitchen said...

I LOVE your kitchen! You did such a great job!
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