Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Whoever said "Patience is a virtue"?

Patience.I feel like a little kid that is doing the potty dance because he cant hold it any longer. Patience.
I have everything done on my Master Bedroom and am ready to reveal except for one thing... and that one thing HAS to be done by my husband. He has been so busy with work I didnt want to bug him too much to get it done for me. I have left a couple of major hints this morning. Like turning the furniture upside down! I will explain later.
So today I have a couple sneak peeks for you and hopefully (cross your fingers for me) I will be able to reveal this weekend!

Remember this chair? It doesnt look like this anymore!

I cant wait for you all to see my new room!

1 comment:

*junkrestore* said...

I want to SEE!

P.S. I can't believe you wouldn't brave a little ol' tornado to come see me today. :p

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