Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Before and After: Dresser and Nightstands

I was reminded of how crazy it was that I came across these pieces. I had asked my good friend Tara to pick up a french provincial dresser in Phoenix for me while she was down there. It was a Friday night, and the dresser was exactly what I was looking for but it was around $100 maybe more I cant remember. Just for the dresser, plus I was still looking for nightstands too. It was in fact way more than I was planning on spending and just decided to bite the bullet on this one.
But then Saturday morning came and I of course went to a bunch of yard sales. One in particular had about 5 things: these 3 pieces and 2 other things. I would normally drive on by but these caught my eye, and then the price made me think even more, "Would these actually work in my room??" I thought long and hard. Went home and called her they still had them and for $40 for all three pieces, they were mine! Not only do I LOVE them now, I saved a ton of money! Plus my husband loves them and thats even better (score!)
Heres the befores and afters:

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