Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Do you know where Uzbekistan is? I do now.

So, when I got home and had a pile of mail, I saw this

The coolest package I have seen in a long time. Tied with string and stamped with wax!

I ordered some pillow covers about 6 wks ago off of eBay. You may remember my post about them here.
This is how they came to me! It took me back to the olden days (which I never really lived in  but can imagine from movies.)

So these are my new pillows from Uzbekistan.

They are hand made and I love, love, love them!
Oh...and did I mention $24.99 for both, and free shipping?



Wow free shipping from Uzbekistan?? I used to be an Ebay junkie, had to stop, I was going broke, lol..
Those pillows are a steal though and they look really, really nice together!



Kimberly Moore said...

Not sure I can say where Uzbekistan is either?! Love the pillows! Gorgeous. :)

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