Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Bulk" it up

We have an area on each side of our fireplace that demands attention.
We had purchased these custom signs, if you can recall, and placed them on each side of the fireplace.
 They still looked very tiny compared to our massive fireplace. So we decided to "bulk" them up.
My husband took some old flooring he had left over from a job and made custom frames around them to give them more mass.
What do you think?
 They really look custom now and demand attention! Also, do you notice what I did to the fireplace???
Looks ten times better!

Have a good day folks :)

1 comment:

suzy said...

Love what you did the proportions are so much better. what would you think of painting the opening behind the tv black. I find there is a lot of contrast between the black tv and the white wall.

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