Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni STRIKE

Enough is Enough.
All of us "normal" people that were waiting to get our little piece of Missoni yesterday, should all go on STRIKE!!
Target is going to restock their shelves with all the amazing goodies we all missed out on, because the hords of crazy people that bought tons of it and turned around to sell it on eBay with a mark up of 200%.
Really, honestly...???
So I say...STRIKE on the people who are selling it on eBay. On really, shame in them for doing it. Its pretty ridiculous.

I will wait till Target puts more on their shelves.

Who is with me??


KrisKay said...

I'm totally with you!!! I live in a small town in Texas, we have no Target. BUT I went to a town nearby and they had a few items in stock. I was casually browsing the women's collection and a lady basically bumped me out of the way and grabbed it all. I was a little shocked! I ended up getting a couple of Missoni notebooks... about $3 each. Ha.

Polly said...

Hi Cassie, I had sent you an email last week about the keep calm and carry on sign listed in your on-line shop. Is it still available?


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