Monday, August 23, 2010

Our bedroom...finally!

I have had my bed in every place possible trying to decide where I liked it. We moved from a house where my 4 post bed looked amazing because of our tall ceilings, and here in this room...well we dont have tall ceilings anymore. So I played constantly with the rails, putting them on and taking them off. The conclusion is off, it looks more open with them off in such a small space. Everything else turned out great!


Tonia Lee Smith said...

I love the bed, I have a rice bed but can't use it since my ceilings are only 9.5 :(

Silvia C said...

Hi Cassie, thanks for following my blog Casabella. I love your blog! I have the same passion for reinventing and transforming spaces and things. Love that bed!

*junkrestore* said...

Your bedroom looks really great! I love that duvet you have folded at the bottom of your bed. My bedroom is super girly and pink and I'm seriously thinking about upgrading to something more sophisticated, and just giving the pink to the girls. Also, love your naked lamp!

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