Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Small tables

Spray paint is my friend! Simple, easy...you can do it!
Nothin fancy...not all projects have to be, right?


*junkrestore* said...

A girl from Prescott bought these tables... But she was driving a Prius. What a rookie, bringing a subcompact to a Barn Sale, huh? But I had to drive over tonight after I cleaned everything up, so I delivered them to her in Prescott... Her mom bought your little antique rocking chair, also.

Ladizzle said...

Wish a truck was an option Saturday! (So thankful you were able to deliver them for me Tara!)

The tables are so awesome I love them! My Mom (and all of her grandkids) adore the antique rocking chair! Excited to keep up with your blog! Such talent!

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