Monday, October 3, 2011

Style at Home- Fall 2011 Trends

I was contacted by Style at Home and asked to highlight this seasons trends for fall.
Of course I would!! Plus I got to learn a little something myself.

They have done the research and found the top 3 design trends for Fall 2011.

See if you already have these styles tips in your home or if you can add them in an inexpensive way, if you do please share with me!

Style at Home


* Add a natural warmth to your home
* Play with woods organic textures
* Create a calming and comforting space

check it out here at

You will definitely find this trend in my home. I love the different tones and grains that wood offers. It adds so much texture and it really can go in any space and make it look rich and warm.

My industrial dining table

West Elm vases

Vintage bread box with wood for our REAL fireplace

Added wood around the pictures to make them more rich and add texture

Our living room end tables, LOVE the saw cut wood. 

In form of art

On the back of our favorite chair and looks so good with the frames around the pictures

LOVE the grain in this small table

I have to mention our sofa. Its our favorite thing in the house and the wood really demands your eyes attention.

My coffee table, pallets of understated wood that look rough and worn with time.

TREND # 2: "NEW"trals- the new neutrals

* Add life and depth with these new colorful neutrals
* Updated palette offers richer, warmer hues
* Create a serene, glamorous or sophisticated space with colour

Check it out at

Sage, taupe and lilac. Oohhh, very cool colors and never thought of them as neutrals.
I would love to add any of these colors, especially lilac, to my home with some things like these:

West elm Sage duvet

West Elm duvet

West elm duvet

Love the pops of purple

How about taupes??

This is my favorite

Z gallerie- LOVE!

TREND # 3- Modern Global

* Mixing natural materials, wordly finds & exotic textiles
* Balancing traditional and contemporary design 
* Using patterns and two-tone geometrics harmoniously 

Check it out here:

Modern global. Well, I don't travel much, but I don't think you have to to have this style injected into your home. Modern global is more about patterns, and we all can add patterns to our home if we don't have them already. Look around your may be surprised how Modern Global you are!

Heres my injections of Modern Global:
Cant go wrong with a zig zag or two!

Uzbekistan pillows



Entry rug

I think we can all learn from the new trends for Fall 2011! 
please let me know if you have any of these trends in your homes!

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Elaine Song said...

This is great, Cassie! Thanks so much for writing about the trends :) I love that you've been inspired by them! There are also a few of us that have been eyeing those West Elm duvets for a while now ;)

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