Thursday, June 30, 2011

I want to move...

"What??...You just moved!!"" (you say)

I know. I mean I want to move my furniture around!
I can see it now, I move everything around and Mr. Boss Man comes home and his head spins around and his eyes turn red and has a little minor panic attack which involves artillery.

Apparently I move furniture too much.
The only reason he gets angry is because he usually stubs his toe in the middle of the night and I hear my name mixed in with some words I dont understand. So I tell him to watch his step. More anger.

Anywho, I dont know how you can be in LOVE with design and not move your furniture around??
So, I am carefully calculating my attack.
First I have been "authorized" to paint the wall in the living room...remember??
So I think when I have everything moved out of the living room, I can justify moving stuff around.
We will see! Stay tuned this weekend to find out if I make it to Monday alive.

But with that said, here is what I am thinking.

I would like to move the office from here:
 To here: With the desk in the middle and the bookcases standing up on each side of it.
Then I would like to move this wood sofa, into the dining room and use it on one side of my dining table.
So instead of having this table here, I would like to move it into the middle of the room and make it a grand dining room.
With this light fixture from Pottery Barn:
and then have this rustic sideboard-
with this white mirror above it
 and with this rug underneath.
What do you think so far??? Do you think it would look good??
Send me some comments and help me live through the weekend!!!


Dwellings by DeVore said...

I think that would look awesome! Your home is beautiful!

Chyanne M. @ The Yuppie Lady said...

I like your idea and I think it'll work out just as you envisioned it.

Found you via Dwellings By DeVore

Chyanne M.

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