Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things with Springs

So, do you remember this chair?
My friend Anita has started her own blogging business. She is super talented and a perfectionist! So her work is amazing!
Heres some of her other stuff...

So her site is Things with Springs
Check it out. She has some great pieces up for grabs right now and you can pick your own fabric from her great selection!

Its so exciting when someone takes what they love to do and are able to make money at it! BONUS!
So, all my friends out there in blogger world...lets help Anita get her name and business out there!


Bring Pretty Back said...

Her work looks awesome! On my way to check it out right now! Thanbks for sharing!
Have a pretty day!

thingswithsprings said...

Thanks so much for the plug! Btw- I love love love your house! Looking forward to good times there!

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