Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Design Stocker

I have been looking for a new name for a while now. Everytime I type in reuse reinvent redesign, it takes too long and I started thinking maybe it was a bit much for everyone else.
So I came up with Design Stocker.
My last name is Stocker, and everyone thinks its "Stalker" like a creepy peeping tom or something.
So my new idea is to "Stock" blogs and find the greatest and latest ideas out there.
Hope everyone gets it, because I think its hilarious! I am actually laughing right now!
So starting today the web address will be

Now, I have something to share with you.
My house is finally done! We are trying to keep things simple. So you arent going to see many small accessories.

Entry Way
Entry Way. I am having a bit of a rug crisis, so as of now there isn't one!

West elm vase

So the only thing I was not allowed to do..(yet) is paint the yellow. Apparently they just painted it 5 months ago and spent $2,000. Whoaa!! Give me a couple months, I will have it painted in no time!

Again the yellow walls are a little much, picture them a pale, pale gray.

World Market...LOVE them!

Got this new sofa off Craigslist!

Watch for the touch we are adding to this piece on the wall.

Ahhh, my new chair. I just love looking at it!

See my latest pieces from Z Gallerie? Lamps, and globe.

 Tons of seating, exactly what we wanted, and we used our old sofa and mixed it with the new.
Oh, and heres our view when we have coffee in the morning!

Amazing, right?

 Now we have our very yellow, and boring fireplace.
Very blah....I have pieces on order that will flank the top of the fireplace, cant wait to show you!

Stay tuned...master, office, sitting room, dining room and the biggest transformation, the kitchen!

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