Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sneak Peek

I will give you just a small sneek peek of our new home. And I say "home" because it really feels like home here. We really love it!
We still have several projects to finish before I can reveal the everything to you.

So heres a little sneak peek at what we have been doing!
The old backsplash and the new one. Looks amazing!
Also do you notice the new concrete countertops???
I cant wait till its all done!


Dragonfliez Made said...

Love the new tile. And goodness how I want some concrete countertops!

colleen said...

really nice. did you every get the part for your stove ?

Tammy @ Type A said...

looks great, got my bread box!!! thanks so much, love it!

Bear Ellis said...

Countertops look great. Can you tell me what brand and type of concrete you used, and also the sealer? How long did you let it cure prior to sealing? I saw another place this was posted they asked about how you did the edges. And how thick was the pour? Trying to convince my husband to do this, looks great!!

Melissa Jean said...

I would also love answers to all of Bear Ellis' questions! These are so gorgeous!

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