Thursday, April 7, 2011


I really need everyones help!

My recent purchase of amazing aplliances has made me ask "Why does there always have to be something wrong??"
So we bought these appliances, everythings good but the range. It works and everything, but it is a Natural Gas range, and we knew that when we bought it. And knew it would be easy to convert it to propane.
Yeah right!!!!!
All ranges can be changed form Natural gas to LP, Liquid Propane, with the help of a fancy little kit called the LP CONVERSION KIT. They usually come taped on the back of every range, but not ours! We did get it off Craigslist! :(
Most people when they buy this range they use it for Gas anyways.
I have contacted Electrolux and every appliance store from here to China for a LP CONVERSION KIT, and they apparently stopped making them!
So here is my plea that someone somewhere out there in blog world has the same range as me and they are not using their LP CONVERSION KIT because they dont need it, and would be willing to part with it???
Everyone please help get the word out, and I hope this works!
Thanks so much in advance for all your help!
Theres got to be someone...right?
Heres the info:
Electrolux 30in Gas Range
Model #: EW30GF65GSC


Folkman's said...

That's a Bummer! Good Luck!

colleen said...

cassie i believe everything can be found on line. try this site they are awsome our stove computer went out few yrs back before thanksgiving got the part [much cheaper than a service call] and we installed in about 15 min actually took more time to level the stove. also more important the part was gaurenteed to work or i could return it. they also have personal help to install.
good luck

colleen said...

phone no for repair clinic is 1-800-269-2609

Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest also. Did the sellers save any of the pieces when it was converted or place them with the manual they may or may not have given you?


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