Wednesday, March 23, 2011

iphone chic

I recently jumped on the band wagon and got an iphone.
And....I LOVE IT!
And of course it has to be stylish!
Here is my new chic cover!

Pretty cute huh?


Tara Lauren said...

Where did you get this case? I MUST have one!

Anonymous said...

Alright, you need to spill...were did you get that cover from! Love, love, love it! xoxo

*junkrestore* said...

I'm going to marry my iPhone as soon as it's legal. For reals.

nat said...

oh please tell us where you found this! pretty please!

Silvia C said...

Well now THAT is one awesome case! My poor iPhone has to survive with a boring black case. How did I live life before my iPhone, is a mistery to me.

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