Friday, January 7, 2011

My closet

My closet is small. My husband has half my closet and another little closet. (he has a lot of suits)
So I decided to try to utilize the hall closet for my shoes. Since we are moving, I didnt want to do anything too crazy. Just a simple clean up.
Heres the befores:
Hall closet

My side of the closet

top part

my husbands side (same closet)
My criteria for cleaning out was stained, stretched, dont wear often, just dont like, doesnt fit.
So here is what I cleaned out:

More stuff...

I cant believe how much stuff!
This might not look like a lot, but it was 5 garbage bags full!
So heres what it looks like all cleaned up. Nothing fancy or amazing, just clean and simple.
Wow...extra space!

I can actually see my clothes.

I had so much space above, I didnt have anything to put up there!
Its still a small space and I hope one day I will have a big closet again. Ohh...those were the days!

Thanks for looking at my closet! Hope I inspired you to clean out yours!


Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Nice work! Doesn't it feel great to get rid of things and have extra space! I love oraganizing.

Silvia C said...

Hi Cassie, looks nice! You are great at organizing.

Laurie Austin said...

Umm, excuse me, but where are all those shoes going? I happen to know a good half way house for shoes in need of rehabilition.

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

You did a great job! I can see that I've never been able to be ruthless enough. My afters are never that noticeable.

Unknown said...

Great are inspiring me to get moving on mine!

Unknown said...

Great Job, as to cleaning (*wink)..i need to cleaning my closet too, i need to weed off some that i dnt use, urgh, as i imagine it, it's gonna be a lot of work!

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