Saturday, November 6, 2010

I would never...

I would never use this blog to promote a new product. 
I would never use this blog to try to get you to buy something.
I would never use this blog to influence you in any way that something is better than something else.

With that said....

I bought this  paint sprayer thingy and my husband and his brother made sooo much fun of me. My finger was seriously starting to get leather like from holding down the button on the spray paint can and it was gross. Not only that, it hurts! It strains my finger! (this is where my husband and my brother in law laughed hysterically).
Well....I LOVE this thing. I think it has actually made my life better! It so easy to use and it was about $5 at Ace. (Which means its $1 at Home Depot or Walmart) I hope everyone goes out and gets one of these babies. They are the BOMB! (no, I dont really say that in real life)
So there... hubby and hubbies brother...I bet you wish you had one! And no you cant use mine!

(BTW...if you dont know me....that little skit above was sarcasm)


*junkrestore* said...

Oh, Cass, I would have told you about that a zillion years ago if I had known to! It's the only way to spray paint, especially if you have to empty multiple cans. I love mine!

COTTAG3 said...

It is the most awesomest thing ever. I've actually worn one out and have purchased a couple of more (keeping one as a spare at all times). I refuse to paint without one.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

You are so funny! I loved mine too till I lost it....:(
Have a wonderful day!

ati @ Casacooper said...

Ha! Can I second your promotion. I love that gadget. I have been using it to spray paint light fixtures, furniture, everything I can get my hands on. Initially I thought I would buy one of those super-gagdets, but this one works wonderfully!

Lori @ Projects Plenty said...

I bought one of those things several months ago and haven't even used it. Thanks for reminding me I have it... I am going to dig it out today. Glad to have found your blog (from Christa of Stories of a House)!

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