Thursday, November 18, 2010

Glass of wine??

I have been crazy busy. Getting ready for the 2nd Barn Sale (I am so excited) and remodeling a friends, 2 kids, bedrooms in the middle of it all.(I will post later, along with some great advice!!)
Its been great fun, and exhausting. I am ready for a glass (bottle...dont judge!) of my favorite red wine. But that will have to wait till later. :(

This room full of projects went into the trailer that my husband kindly cleaned out for me to use, and off to the Barn Sale.

Hope to meet you there! Let me know you are a follower...I am sure I will hook you up!


Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely said...

It looks all too familiar. We're all loaded up to go too! Can't wait to meet ya there!

*junkrestore* said...

We should go out afterwards to celebrate!

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