Friday, September 10, 2010

Furniture Graveyard

I recently had the privelage of seeing an actual furniture graveyard! I was so mixed with emotions....sad for the furniture that needed ALOT of loving care and so excited to see all the potential projects! I acquired a couple chairs from this graveyard with hopes of ressurrecting them to a beautiful life again.
They need  ALOT of work and I am actually intimidated by them, but I have some great plans for them and hopefully they will turn out.

So the last couple days I have been practicing on a chair that I have always wanted to redo but didnt have the courage.  Iposted this chair before because I painted the legs...thats easy! I didnt know what to do with the blue vinyl...ew. I dont know how to tuft either, but as you saw above I will have to learn!


Ange said...

Hi Cassie, seems we're in the same boat. I have been asked to recover a 2 seater french settee which looks very similar to your first photo, and has tufting on the inner back. I did some research (upholstery book) and am now feeling much more confident and quite excited because if I get it right I know it's going to look amazing.
I'll be keen to see how you get on with your chair. You can do it!!!

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

oooh Cassie, you have done a brilliant job with that chair, love it! cant wait to see the others made over.

*junkrestore* said...

Seriously, I'm going to post the pics I took at the furniture graveyard when I pick up a big load there next week. So sad. And you chicken, you can do tufting. You should have at least tried it on the black chair! Even without the tufting it looks great though, I love nailheads.

COTTAG3 said...

That's amazing! What a transformation on that chair!

A Room For Everyone said...

Gosh, that's amazing Cassie! You have a fantastic blog, thanks so much for following mine! Rachaelxx

discount furniture said...

I thought you were going to give some insight on furniture and not leave us hanging to decide.

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