Saturday, July 17, 2010

Its in the family...

We bought this dresser for $15 at a garage sale a couple weeks ago for my step-daughter Jadyn. Its been in the garage since then and her clothes have been in a suitcase in the bottom of her closet. 
And has been soooo hot and muggy down here (note to self: you need to move out of Arizona), that we just have not  had the desire to sit out there in the even hotter garage to do it. But...with a ton of sweat, and I am not joking it finally got done this weekend. Jadyn and her Dad teamed up...and Jadyn will modestly say it was mostly her dad! My husband Troy cut off the legs, sanded it and painted it glossy black to match her existing nightstands and vanity and it looks great! 

I didn't have any part in this re-do,and it turned out fantastic.  This makes me think....I wonder what other projects they could do for me?? "Hey honey.....theres a garage full of furniture!"

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Tara said...

Hi,just found your blog and am really looking forward to following you.xx

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