Monday, July 5, 2010


I have been asked where I get my ideas and inspiration from. Well, mostly from other people! I love sitting at home with a glass of wine looking at mt latest magazines or new books I just got. I am so inspired by brave designs with so much color and still simplicity undertones. I love the mixture of bold yet understated fabrics.
I loved Cottage Living, still look at all my old issues from time to time. Also loved Country Home, they are an internet magazine now, still great ideas....but would rather have it in my hands! I just recently fell in love with Romantic Homes, beautiful ideas! Also Better Homes and Gardens puts out special issues of Do it yourself, Storage and 100 Decorating ideas. I ALWAYS find something to do in there. I recently subscribed to Fresh Home, great ideas with step by step instructions to accomplish projects yourself!
I will post my favorite books soon.

I am at a point where a change is coming. I have had my house the same way for awhile now and its time for some new colors. I am also deeply inspired by other blogs, especially this one
She has the most beautiful space, and it so simple. She doesn't have a lot of little things, just a few pieces of beautiful furniture it makes a huge statement. I love it!
Check out all the blogs I follow, there are so many ideas out there.
I also saw this picture and it inspired me to do something...not sure what yet but somethings stay tuned!

Let me know what inspires you!

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*junkrestore* said...

I second that. I love magazines and used to have a collection of about 400 old issues of Country Home, Country Living, and Cottage Living. You should have seen the faces pulled when I asked people to help me move. I decided about two years ago to tear out my favorite photos and file them into categories and I reduced those 400 magazines to about 20. The days that I received my last Country Home and Cottage Living mags in the mail was a sad day for me.

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