Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back from NYC

One of the craziest trips I think I have ever taken. We were constantly doing stuff, and never rested.
My feet almost fell off. I dont think I have ever walked around so much!
My hats off to those women who wear heels around NY.

Heres some pics of our trip:



Statue of Liberty


Brooklyn Bridge

Even the manhole covers were cool!

I love the homes here

Amazing architecture

The colors!

First subway ride ever...just a little scary!

Central Park

Times Square

We did it all! Museums, shopping, toured Brooklyn, Patterson and Walkhill Bethel, saw Phantom of the Opera, ate lots of food, subway, and walked, and walked, and walked!!

It was a great trip, however it made me realize how my simple, slow life back here in Sedona, AZ suits me just fine. Country girl for sure!!


Anonymous said...

Hadley's face on the subway is killing me! I'm going to Manhattan in February for the first time and I'm so excited! I miss you, Cass. A lot.

Pam said...

As an ex-New Yorker I loved your pictures, but that's the Manhattan Bridge in your picture, not the Brooklyn Bridge.

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