Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{#4-Storage & #5 Dining table}

I have been so busy and headed out of town so I wanted to finish up my little series and put together #4 and #5.
We live in a small house with little to none storage. So I truly believe in double duty pieces and investing money in something that can do both is totally worth it.
We have a piece that is our entertainment center and storage for our games and photos. I love it because its so unique and I got it for super cheap. It was on sale from $1200 marked down to $600 plus I had $100 coupon so I ended up paying $500 for it! AWESOME!!
It was actually my anniversary present last year too!
Heres ours:

Great storage room

Yes, it ALWAYS looks like this, neat and clean, inside! HA!
Here are some other pieces that would be great storage:



Pottery Barn

So my 5th piece that I think you should put some "investment time and a little money" into is the dining table. We use our dining table for every meal, and we make it a point to always eat dinner together every night. Its also used for kids doing their homework, and in our small little home, its where everyone congregates. So I wanted one that was unique and sturdy.
I posted my table a little while ago, but here it is again. Invested in it, is mostly my time and a couple hundred bucks! 
I love it! 

There are so many dining tables out there and make sure you check Craigslist first. 
But here are a few that I love and are super affordable.

World Market

World Market- I actually have 2 friends that have this table and they are completely different!

World Market

World Market

Ok, so I hope my little "series" {5 investment pieces} helped out. Remember invest your time because you love it not your money!


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Just stopping in to say happy Holidays!

Jenn said...

What a great series! You MADE your table? It's so beautiful ... I love the industrial/wood mix. Good work! :)

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