Saturday, December 18, 2010

{#3- Coffee table}

I named this little series "5 Invest,ent pieces" and when I said "investment" I didnt mean $$$. I meant love, and time.
I am all about getting bang for your my husband would say. So do your homework and check around for the best price. Craigslist, eBay, garage sales, estate will ALWAYS find what you are looking for. I promise.
With that said...I am on coffee tables. And they are pretty expensive. So here was my solution: I made my own.
I wanted something like this:
Restoration Hardware
No way in the world would I be able to afford anything from that store without selling a child. (um...thought about it...its so fabulous..) anyways, i wanted rustic and industrial.
So I saw some pallets and knew I had to do something with them. The only way my husband agreed to this is because we found some amazing ones in excellent condition. However, I think I would have liked  them a little more rustic, but he does have a say in things!
So this is my coffee table, and I love it!

I (I mean my husband and I) invested out time into this piece, and we LOVE it. I wanted storage and so we put two together to create an are for baskets I had found at DI in Utah and they fit perfectly!
I love it and will never get rid of it (never say never!)
Here are some others for inspiration....see if you can make your own too!

Restoration Hardware
Take a trunk or an old suitcase and put some great old legs on it and make a coffee table with storage! great idea!


Tru said...

That's great! I think the glass top really finishes it. I like it so much better than your inspiration piece.

Lolly Jane said...

following from twice lovely. you made it to 100, whoohoo! can't wait to see whatcha come up with in the future!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I LOVE IT! It's better than your inspiration photo, because you have storage!

I just have to know~where did you get the wheels?

Christine @ First Home...Love Life said...

Just wanted to say hello! I saw your concrete counters from Remodelaholic, and THANK YOU!!!!! I have been looking for a tutorial to do the same to ours...we have concrete floors throughout our home, and love the idea of having counters to match! Just wanted to give you a heads up about the train cart coffee table...I have one, ordered it from Havertys (on sale) for 300 and change. It looks just like the RH one but a bit smaller. Love it!

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