Friday, September 30, 2011


My wish is that one day my home will be on tour in a magazine or book somewhere. (clicking my ruby red slippers....actually they are just fuzzy...but you get the drift)


I was recently asked to do a home tour of 20-25 photos of our home!! I am so excited...but nervous at the same time!
So, I have so many things to do:

Heres my list:
1- Get the wine rack made
2- paint the rest of the walls (MISSION: get rid of yellow)
3. frames for gallery on office wall
4. rug in master
5. kitchen island
6. chalk board in kitchen area
7. pallet idea (cant wait to share with you what my idea is!)
8. And..last but not least..fresh flowers.

Boy...I have a lot to do.

So here are just a couple of my favorite images that are magazine perfect and are inspiring me to get my home in picture perfect shape.

Google image

Google image

These will get me started! And I will keep you posted...

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