Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This is one of the hardest things I think I will ever do!

I am selling this chair! I LOVE this chair but my husband found another that HE loves so mine has to go. (Hey, I am a reasonable person!)

This is done is Slubby Zig Zag Premier Prints fabric. And dont worry...I didnt do it myself, I had ot done professionally.

$400 and the chair is yours! I can arrange for shipping too, just let me know where you are and I can find out how much it will be.

Also I still have a couple other things too:

Thomas O'Brien Pillow Cases- $10

West Elm Pillow Case- $12

Storage cube- $25

Leather chair- $50

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anita said...

What are you trying to do? Kill me? Or just break my heart? Kidding- I know you are not the sentimental type when it comes to furnishings...after all- I am the proud owner of most of your antique milk jugs which I just love with all my heart. Well some of it anyway. Hope this sells for you! :)

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