Monday, May 9, 2011

Lucky Goodies...

Here are just a couple of my goodies I got on my fantastic shopping spree.

Lucky. Well, maybe. We went into the Lucky store and saw this bracelet that I have been eyeballing for awhile now, plus a purse and some other jewelry. I him hawed (sp??) around because, even though it was a "shopping spree", I just couldnt bring my self to entertain the whopping price tag.
The sales clerk noticed.
She told me to go check out Dillards because they were having a sale.
So we did.
Everything I had in my hands at the Lucky was on sale 50% off, plus an extra 30% that day!

I love the braided handles.

Also we got some perfumes. One he picked out he liked, and one I picked out I liked.
They are both great!

My pick: Michael Kors

His pick: Flowerbomb Viktor Rolf

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