Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Layered look

We are seeing this look pop up everywhere. All though we have been seeing cowhide rugs for a while now in home decor we are seeing them "Layered" on natural jute rugs.
So I had my good friend Tara from junk restore grab me the 6X10 Tarnby Jute rug from Ikea while she was in Phoenix and tried the look myself.
What do you think?


*junkrestore* said...

I love it! I can't believe the price of that rug, too. Rugs are way too spendy for me, gotta love Ikea. And I love your coffee table. You should see the armoire I just finished it. I'm posting in a minute, but I have a question about it. Oh, and do you want to go to the Historic Home Tour thing with me in Mesa on Saturday?

Marnie said...

Love it!!!!

Silvia C said...

Looks great!

Shelly Tutt said...

I think it looks wonderful! I just love the whole room!

Amanda said...

uh, LOVE it. and i've wanted that jute rug from Ikea for-like-ever.

lucky. :)

Stacey said...

It looks fab!!

Lylah Ledner said...

HOw incredibly creative you are. I used some pallets to make a raised bed....but your idea takes the cake!

I stopped your way via the beautiful Tara of junk restore...who is hosting her vintage barn sale at our farm in March....and we couldn't be more excited to have all that vintage in one place...ours!


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