Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{#2- Seating}

Even though the sofa is very important, we also need to have additional seating. I am a firm believer in mismatch furniture. You dont have to buy the matching sofa, love seat and chair. Mix it up!
This piece, I feel, doesnt have to be as comfortable as the sofa. The sofa is where you chill and watch TV with family, but the love seat is for when company comes over and if they are too comfortable...they may stay forever!
My husband and I found this particular love seat at a thrift store...and we have a HUGE waiting list because everyone that sits on it says "If you ever think about getting rid of this...."
Make a statement with this piece and have fun with it.
Heres ours:
Very unique piece, always starts coversation

Its masculine with the wood, and feminine curvy lines! Perfect!
Check out these ideas!
Urban Outfitters has amazing ones in some amazing colors check it out! They wont let me use their pics...check it out though!
You could do two chairs as well....get creative! Let me see what you have done!


One Life Many Journeys said...

I think I have noticed this loveseat in another post of yours. I love it. It looks like it could have been made from a sleigh bed. The arms roll back like one.

Andi said...

I love sofas! I think they tell how the space is going to feel just by looking at a sofa.
Hey, so I'm a new follower and would like to feature you on Friday on my blog. If you wouldn't mind leaving me a comment if that is okay! Thanks!

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