Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It was easy! Kind of...

 I have had a ton of response to the Industrial Farm Table  that I did. Mostly I have has people asking how I did the top. Its actually 3- 2X12s Douglas Fir. Then after attaching it to the base I stained it with Dark Mahoganey stain, and quickly wiped it off. Then I sanded it, and sanded it, and sanded it. I went through 8 sheets of sand paper on my belt sander! I did sand it close to 8 times. Then I used steel wool and went over the whole thing to take out the gunk in the grooves. Then I just coated it with Polyurethane. And thats it! It was very labor intensive and my arms hurt really bad! Haha!

I think it turned out amazing! I love I did it myself and I love it even more because of that!

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One Life Many Journeys said...

This is Sa-Weet! As soon as I saw it I sent the link to one of my girls. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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