Thursday, October 14, 2010

Simplicity is now my key

We actually LIVE in our living room. Its where we study, watch movies and hang out. I had a room before that was pretty to look at but not very practical. Now our living room is simple, and very functional. Plus I got rid of a ton of stuff. Heres a couple before and after shots:
Way Before in my green phase. Look at all the stuff everywhere. Very cluttered!
No not yet.....I hate the couch like that. Its weird.

Ahhh... there it is!
It might not seem like much of a change but it is. I took out some pieces and changed out the colors.
Heres some more pics:

And this became....


Our dining room is open to the living room so I carried the colors into there as well. Hers some more pics:

Dont mind the black chair! They only had 3 white ones when I went to get them. (website said 12 that morning, go figure!) I would also love a chandelier in here and I actually have a great one, but my husband says the fan is more practical. Fan sman, I LOVE chandeliers. Winters coming, maybe he will change his mind!

I actually sewed the bottom on these myself! I broke a needle and had to re-sew them about 3 times, but I did it!
And this  became......


Our family motto.

 What do you think??


. said...

I think it's gorgeous!! I absolutely adore the coffee table!

I much prefer a room you can feel comfortable sitting in and living in...than one that's just pretty to look at!

Reenie said...

Love it! Love how a lil paint will change something sooo much. :)

A Room For Everyone said...

Fantastic! What an amazing makeover. We spend all our time in our family room too..Rachaelxx

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